Skin Peel Instructions

AHA/BHA Skin Acid Peel Procedure


AHA and BHA are the best tools available to keep your skin looking young and fresh.  Often referred to as 'Lunch Time Peels', they have been the gold standard for skin refinement in the best spas and dermatologist offices throughout the world.

AHA and BHA Peels provide effective resurfacing results while safe for at home use.  They provide a mild rejuvenation without the extended downtime of a more invasive peel.  Although you will notice results with your first application, peels work best by performing a series of peels over a two month period.  After two months, stop for a one month period, and then resume using for a period of two months.  These instructions will provide you with the best way to use each peel for maximum benefit and safety.  Not following the directions (ie over using) will NOT make your skin feel better and you risk irritations and BURNS; with AHA and BHA peels, more is not better.

Getting Started

Always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area and wait 24 hours to observe signs of irritation before using any product.  Directions must be followed EXACTLY.  Do not use if you have undergone recent Chemotherapy treatment or Accutane treatment.  Wait 2 weeks after stopping Retin-A or Obagi peels to use any chemical or acid peel.  Never use any peel solution around the eyes or on the lips.  As always, use reasonable judgement.  If excessive irritation or stinging occurs with this product, rinse of immediately and discontinue.  DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN.  

  • the depth of the peel is controlled by contact time, frequency of application and strength of the solution.  If you experience excessive irritation or skin burns after use, it is likely that you have left the solution on too long, used the solution too often, or used a solution that is too strong.  Please note, the skin on the nose and on the chin and cheeks are generally more sensitive to glycolic stimulation.  These areas should be neutralised within 2-3 minutes after application to avoid irritation or burns.  
  • Do not use any products with fragrances or exfoliation properties for 24 hours after any peel product.  

Performing the Peel

  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly and rinse well.
  2. Wipe rubbing alcohol over the face to remove all oil.  Allow to air dry.  It is important to remove any oils from the skin for the peel to be effective.
  3. Wet gauze pads with about 1-2mls of peel solution and wipe over face, beginning on forehead and outer cheeks and working your way towards the center of your face.  Try to apply as thin and even layer as possible, going easy on the delicate skin around your nose.  Leave a 2mm margin between the edge of your eye and the peel.  DO NOT rub into skin.  (For roll-ons, apply a thin layer of peel to affected area).  Continue gently buffing for about 30-90 seconds.  
  4. Ensure you have a neutralising solution at hand. A teaspoon of Baking Soda dissolved in a litre of warm water is ideal. This solution can be used to deactivate the peel.  If you experience severe discomfort while performing the peel simply splash the mixture over your face to stop peeling solution.  Only use if necessary.  
  5. For first time users DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR MORE THAN 1 MINUTE.  
  6. If you have used the peels before, allow peel to remain on skin for 2-5 minutes, depending on your tolerance.  You can fan your skin (a blow dryer on a cool setting works well), which helps alleviate the stinging alittle.  If stinging becomes too intense, rinse face immediately.  
  7. Rise face with cool water and gently pat dry.  Make sure your face is thoroughly rinsed, you should feel no stinging now!  Stinging indicates that the product is still active on your skin, and this can result in a burn.  If you experience burns or scabs, you may have left the solution on for too long, or used a solution that is too strong.  Do not pick at scabs and moisturise.
  8. Apply an all natural moisturiser.  We recommend our pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Squalane or Tamanu Oil.  When going out avoid too much sun exposure and wear a sunscreen of spf15 or higher.
  9. Your face may be  a little red for a day after the peel, but this will quickly fade and you will see the results of the peel develop over the next few days as the skin sheds off.  The shedding process is not usually noticable (small microscopic flakes), you do not usually "peel" as you would with a stronger peel.  
  10. Repeat every 7-14 days maximum for the first month of use.  Thereafter you may increase use to every 5 days and for up to 10 minutes, maximum.